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    Craig Badke | Contact | Bio
    Eugenia Bertulis | Contact | Bio
    Christian Blyt | Contact | Bio | Website
    Zach Camozzi | Contact | Bio
    Cameron Cartiere | Contact | Bio
    Keith Doyle | Contact | Bio | Website
    Hélène Day Fraser | Contact | Bio | Website
    Jon Hannan | Contact | Bio
    Amber Frid-Jimenez | Contact | Bio | Website
    Katherine Gillieson | Contact | Bio | Website | Blog
    Garnet Hertz | Contact | Bio | Website
    Chris Jones | Contact | Bio
    Laura Kozak | Contact | Bio
    Justin Langlois | Contact | Bio
    Maria Lantin | Website | Basically Good Media Lab Website
    Celeste Martin | Website
    Cameron Neat | Contact | Bio | Website
    Justin Novak | Contact | Bio
    Aaron Oussoren | Website | Material Matters Website
    Caylee Raber | Website | Health Design Lab Website
    Gillian Russell | Contact | Bio
    Louise St Pierre | Contact | Bio

    MDes Visiting Designers and Design Researchers

    Each year, Emily Carr regularly hosts world-renowned visiting designers and design researchers many of whom offer graduate-specific presentations and studio visits, and others who serve as the External Examiners for thesis defences. They play a key role in helping you to make lasting connections to local, national, and international conversations and discourse.

    Mar Canet
    Honey Dacanay | Canada, Ontario Digital Service
    Cat Gale | UK, London
    Varvara Guljajeva | Estonia, Estonian Academy of Arts ( EKA)
    Jamer Hunt | USA, Parsons
    Onkar Kular | Sweden, HDK Academy of Design and Crafts Gothenburg University
    Brenda Laurel | USA
    Craig Martin | UK, University of Edinburgh
    Nithikul Nimkulrat | Estonia, Estonian Academy of Art
    Dimeji Onafuwa | USA, Microsoft
    Kara Pecknold | Germany, frog design (ECU MAA 2009 Alumna)
    Angelika Seesschaaf-Veresl | Canada, OCAD
    Stuart Walker | UK, Lancaster University
    Johnson Witehira | New Zealand, Auckland University of Technology

    MFA Faculty

    Many of Emily Carr's internationally recognized full-time faculty members and part-time instructors regularly teach across the MFA program, supervise graduate students and serve as Internal Examiners, participate in open critiques, offer paid research assistantships, provide mentorship through teaching assistantships, and provide dynamic one-on-one studio visits. Our excellent faculty are at the core of our program and bring decades of experience in cutting-edge research, creative practice, and professional development.

    Diyan Achjadi | Contact | Bio | Website
    Ruth Beer | Contact | Bio | Website
    Peter Bussigel | Contact | Bio | Website
    Lucie Chan | Contact | Bio
    Nick Conbere | Contact | Bio | Website
    Randy Lee Cutler | Contact | Bio | Blogs
    Keith Doyle | Contact | Bio
    Hélène Day Fraser | Contact | Bio
    Cissie Fu | Contact | Bio
    Alla Gadassik | Contact | Bio
    Emily Hermant | Contact | Bio | Website
    Jamie Hilder | Contact | Bio | Website
    Allison Hrabluik | Contact | Bio | Website
    Mark Igliorte | Contact | Bio| Website
    Chris Jones | Contact | Bio | Website
    Trish Kelly | Contact | Bio
    Ingrid Koenig | Contact | Bio| Website
    Justin Langlois | Contact | Bio | Website
    Kyla Mallett | Contact | Bio |Website
    Elizabeth MacKenzie | Contact | Bio
    Elizabeth McIntosh
    |Contact | Bio | Website
    Damian Moppett | Contact |Bio | Website
    Kimberly Phillips | Contact | Bio
    Birthe Piontek | Contact | Bio
    Magnolia Pauker | Contact | Bio
    Daphne Plessner | Contact |Bio
    Ben Reeves | Contact | Bio | Website
    Sue Shon |
    Contact | Bio
    Henry Tsang |
    Contact | Bio
    Stephen Waddell | Contact | Bio| Website
    Rita Wong | Contact | Bio


    Each year, Emily Carr hosts dozens of world-renowned visiting artists, curators, and critics, many of which offer graduate-specific presentations and studio visits, and others who serve as the External Examiners for thesis defenses. They play a key role in helping you to make lasting connections to local, national, and international conversations and discourse.

    Rebecca Belmore
    Vanessa Brown
    Antonia Hirsch
    Lyse Lemieux
    Jeneen Frei Njootli
    Helen Reed and Hannah Jickling
    Samuel Roy-Bois
    Rachelle Sawatsky
    Carol Sawyer
    Althea Thauberger
    Jen Weih
    Etienne Zack
    Lisa Baldissera
    Jesse Birch

    Zoe Chan
    Allison Collins
    Pablo de Ocampo
    Bopha Chay
    Candice Hopkins
    Caitlin Jones
    Vanessa Kwan
    Jonathan Middleton
    Melanie O’Brien
    Helga Pakasaar
    Shannon Stratton
    Denise Ryner

  • Staff

    Caitlin Eakins | BFA Critical and Creative Studies, University of British Columbia
    Program Coordinator, Graduate Studies

    Hélėne Day Fraser | MAA Design, Emily Carr University of Art + Design; BAA Fashion, Ryerson University
    Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Master of Design
    Associate Professor, Faculty of Design

    Lee Gilad | MA Comparative Media Arts, Simon Fraser University; BA Art History, Tel Aviv University
    Graduate Recruitment Coordinator
    lgilad@ecuad.ca | masters@ecuad.ca

    Schuyler Krogh | MA Art History, University of British Columbia; BA Art History and Asian Studies, Kenyon College
    Administrative Assistant to the Dean
    I gradstudies@ecuad.ca

    Justin Langlois | MFA, Integrated Media, School of Visual Arts, University of Windsor; BA(H), Communication Studies, University of Windsor
    Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Master of Fine Arts
    Associate Professor, Faculty of Culture and Community

    Steven Lam | Curatorial Studies, Whitney Museum Independent Study; MFA, University of California; BA, Trinity University, Irvine
    Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies
    Associate Vice President, Research